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Easy Swing®
Eliason Corporation, founded in 1952, is the originator and only manufacturer of Easy Swing®
double action impact traffic doors. Eliason doors open with a light assist and close automatically
in a safe, gentle manner. They are supplied with surface mounted hardware, are easily installed
and require only minimal maintenance for years of trouble-free operation. Our custom built
doors are available in many sizes, styles and decor options. Eliason doors can be used in a
multitude of applications ranging from industrial, food service, supermarkets and department
stores to restaurants and walk-in coolers.

For over sixty years, Eliason has been known for high quality products and service and
customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team of customer service representatives can help you
choose the perfect door solution for your business or application. We look forward to working
with you to create solutions that are both innovative and economical. A complete product and
specification catalog is available at no charge. Our products are exhibited at leading trade shows.


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