LWP Series

LWP-3 Aluminum Traffic Door

Where Durable Meets Economical

The Eliason® LWP-3 traffic door is a lightweight, economical solution where visual separation is desired between kitchen and dining areas, customer service and back room, or sales floor and stockroom. The door body is constructed of a special alloy .063" thick tempered aluminum that creates a durable door with just the right amount of flexibility. The LWP-3 comes standard with a clear anodized finish. We also manufacture this door with a 16 gauge stainless steel door body (Specify Model DSP-3). Standard vision panels are 9" x 14" set in black rubber molding. Various window sizes and shapes, impact plates, push plates and other options are also available. LWP-3 and DSP-3 models operate on the Eliason Easy Swing Hinge®.


  • Door Classification: Aluminum traffic door
  • Door Design: The door body is constructed of a special .063" thick tempered aluminum alloy with a standard clear anodized finish


  • Door Thickness: .063"
  • Finish: Clear anodized tempered aluminum alloy (both sides)
  • Hinge: Eliason Easy Swing® Hinge System
  • Window: Standard 9" x 14" clear acrylic set in black rubber molding

Designs and Colors



Hinge Roller
LWP DSP Roller Assembly
Top Bracket
LWP DSP Top Bracket
Lower Hinge
LWP DSP Lower Hinge
Hinge Cover
DSP and LWP hinge cover

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