Curtron Low Profile Air Curtain

The Low Profile air curtain from TMI is the ideal solution for businesses needing an effective temperature separator as well as a unit that is unobtrusive. The Low Profile unit is used primarily in customer entrances to keep insects and unconditioned air out, while keeping customers and employees comfortable. Along with the energy and cost savings made possible by the Low Profile air curtain, the unit can also be used a supplemental heater. These doors are effective in interior doorways up to 10 feet high.

Low Profile air curtains come in stainless steel, one-piece construction and, with the use of an air compression chamber, offer unmatched airflow and uniformity. Additional options include filters for improved air quality and electric, hot water or steam heat. With the air curtain producing 53dBA when operating on low speed, the Low Profile unit is extremely quiet. Low Profile air curtains come with a two-year parts warranty for unheated units and 18-month warranties on heated units. All Low Profile units include 1/5 horsepower, variable speed motors. The air doors are perfect for schools, patios, offices, hospitals and other commercial areas.


  • 1/5 horsepower, variable-speed motors
  • Low profile design – only 8.5" high
  • Unmatched air flow uniformity
  • Includes filters for improved air quality
  • Exceptionally low noise levels (53 dBA low speed)
  • Electric, hot water, or steam heat optional
  • Two-year warranty for unheated units (18 months for heated units)
  • Includes threaded inserts for top mounting


  • Stainless steel, one-piece construction
  • Single-phase or three-phase power

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