Curtron Commercial Front Door Air Curtain

Curtron's Efficient Commercial Front Door (E-CFD) air curtains and air doors are the most economical solution for temperature control on commercial openings such as restaurants, hotels, offices, and other personnel openings. E-CFD Commercial Front Door air curtains and air doors are designed for keep the cold air out in the fall and winter seasons and the warm air out during the spring and summer. The CFD utilizes a 1/2 horsepower, two-speed motor to separate temperatures and ensure customer and employee comfort, while reducing utility costs. CFD air curtains offer unmatched airflow uniformity and exceptionally low noise levels. They operate quietly, effectively and efficiently.

E-CFD units are available in single-phase and three-phase power levels with single-point electric connections. Each E-CFD air curtain has a filter installed on the intake to ensure clean airflow and minimize maintenance. Their industrial, aluminized steel design fits into nearly every industrial and service environment. These air curtains keep flying insects out of sensitive environments while keeping out wind, dust, debris, and temperature from entering your workplace.

By installing an E-CFD unit, outside pollutants, insects and drafts are kept at bay and energy savings are immediate, with the payback period coming in as little as two years. Many sizes are in stock at 110 Volt/ 1 Phase/ 60 Hz power and are ready for 24 hour shipping.


  • 1/2 horsepower two-speed motors for ultimate air velocity control
  • Air Intake Filters are included on every E-CFD unit
  • TMI air curtains use Air Compression Chamber technology, allowing for unmatched airflow uniformity
  • Low noise levels (51/53 dBA)


  • Aluminized steel cabinets and solid, one-piece construction
  • Single-phase or three-phase power with single point electrical connection.

Designs and Colors

Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel

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