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FP-100 Flexible Traffic Door (Chase Doors - AirGard 100)

The Eliason FP-100 product has been superseded by the Chase Doors AirGard 200. (http://www.chasedoors.com/productdisplay.asp?productid=22) The FP-100 flexible door is an economical choice for applications such as walk-in coolers, freezers, or light industrial use. Eliason's top mounted hinge allows for easy passage of push carts and pallet jacks, while helping to create both an air and sound barrier between areas. No bottom hinge means less maintenance and damage.

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  • Door Classification: Flexible traffic door
  • Door Design: The door body is constructed of 45 oz. vinyl coated nylon material, with one row of flexible stays. Wiper seals at the top, bottom and jamb side. Bi-parting models have a 3" overlap at the center.
  • Door Material: 45 oz. vinyl coated nylon
  • Windows: Standard 15" x 14" flexible PVC panels, other sizes available


  • Colors: Available in forest green
  • Finish: 45 oz. vinyl coated nylon material with one row of flexible stays
  • Hinge: Top mounted only gravity hinge, no bottom hinge to damage or maintain
  • Seals: Standard jamb edge balloon seals and top and bottom wiper seals

Designs & Colors

forest green

* In our continuing effort to improve our products, some specifications or descriptions may change. We reserve the right to make such changes without notice or recourse. Color shown may differ slightly from actual color. Consult factory for exact color match.