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SD-9000 Series Sliding Doors (Chase Doors Saino Sliding Doors)

Eliason SD-9000 Sliding Doors product has been superseded by the Chase Doors Saino Sliding Doors product. (http://www.chasedoors.com/servicedoors.asp)The SDM-9000 (manual) and SDA-9000 (automatic) insulated horizontal sliding doors are designed for applications where a swing or roll-up door is not practical. They are well suited for all types of traffic in pharmaceutical or electronics manufacturing, processing areas, packaging and storage areas. Eliason sliding doors are available in both single and bi-parting models, and feature various window and activation options to suit your application. The SDA-9000 is constructed from the same composite materials as Eliason's CF-9000 FRP door, meaning it can never rot or corrode. They are impervious to moisture, acid, petroleum products, animal fats, rodents, insects and salt solutions and carry a lifetime warranty against corrosion. To create the door, structural pultruded fiberflass components are permanently bonded to FRP face sheets and the interior core material. The entire panel is seamless, eliminating the possibility of delamination. Internal FRP blocking is used for internal reinforcement for dependability. The standard gel-coat exterior is available in many standard colors, and either a smooth satin or a fine pebble textured finish. SDA-9000 doors feature a standard urethane foam core for excellent thermal separation and sound abatement properties. Other core options are also available and include a polypropylene honeycomb core, phenolic impregnated honeycomb, or a fire-rated mineral core. The SDA-9000 is powered by the Tormax iMotion® 2301 Programmable Direct Drive system which is designed for long lasting efficiency and performance. The Tormax iMotion® has no gears to wear, no leaking oil or greasy, no motor commutator, brushes or couplings to replace. The result is a long service life with the lowest total cost of ownership. The iMotion® drive is extremely quiet in operation, and features a self-adjusting controller with advanced auto diagnostics and plug and play features which make installation and operation fast and simple. The system periodically checks the doors operating limits and makes automatic adjustments to compensate for temperature, wind, dust, dirt, stack pressure and other outside factors which can alter the system's performance. Standard safety features include auto-reverse and frame mounted infrared safety beams. Optional horns, buzzers and battery backup a

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  • Door Classification: Sliding door
  • Door Design: Constructed with a FRP face sheet, a urethane foam core and internal FRP blocking
  • Face Sheet Material: FRP face sheet, available in a smooth satin or fine pebble textured finish


  • Colors: A variety of colors available
  • Core: Urethane foam core
  • Finish: FRP face sheet, available in a smooth satin or fine pebble textured finish
  • Optional: Sizes up to a 60" x 120" single slide or 120" x 120" bi-parting style without splicing, larger sizes available with possible required splicing, optional horns, buzzers and battery back up (SDA-9000), impact plates, vision panels, hoods, backup headers and casings, heated gaskets, and emergency egress passage doors (no floor hardware required swing depending on the slide of panel)
  • Track & Volley System: Extruded heavy duty anodized aluminum track system with heacy duty trolleys, available in either single panel or bi-parting configurations
  • Window: Various size and shape configurations are available with various glazing options including lexan, tempered, laminated and insulated

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* In our continuing effort to improve our products, some specifications or descriptions may change. We reserve the right to make such changes without notice or recourse. Color shown may differ slightly from actual color. Consult factory for exact color match.

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SD-9000 Double
SD-9000 Single