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Econo Strips

At Eliason®, we have worked hard to understand what it takes to fulfill your energy saving needs. That’s why we have developed a series of energy efficient products to help cut costs while maximizing eco-friendliness. Not only will you realize lower energy bills, you may also qualify for available energy rebate programs that vary from state to state. The Eliason Econo-Strips® are unique, simple and effective in directing cold-air flow on vertical type cases with in-line open fronts. Strips reduce refrigeration loss to a minimum while creating warmer case aisles and 24-hour product protection.

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  • Colors Available: Eliason Econo-Strips are available in opaque only
  • Door Classification: Vertical case strips
  • Door Design: One size fits all. Assemblies are manufactured in 24" wide x 72" long sections. Four 24" sections are required for an eight foot case, six on a twelve, etc. Should be ordered by lineal foot

Designs & Colors


* In our continuing effort to improve our products, some specifications or descriptions may change. We reserve the right to make such changes without notice or recourse. Color shown may differ slightly from actual color. Consult factory for exact color match.