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Rapid Mount Strip Door (Chase Doors - Fast Mount)

Eliason Rapid Mount product has been superseded by the Chase Doors Fast Mount. (http://www.chasedoors.com/productdisplay.asp?productid=29) Eliason makes the job of hanging strip doors even easier with our new Rapid-Mount strip door system. The Rapid-Mount design eliminates multiple studs and fasteners, and ensures a simple, fast installation. A 3’ x 7’ strip door can be installed in a matter of minutes. Simply attach the mounting bracket to the wall, slide the J-Hook Strips into the bracket and install the locking screws at each end to hold the strips in place. No more time consuming layout, measuring or calculating overlap of strips. Rapid-Mount strips are designed so that the strip overlap is set automatically as you slide them into place.

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  • Door Classification: Strip door
  • Door Design: Clear flexible PVC strips are available in a 6" x .060" thick with a 67% overlap or an 8" x .080" thick with a 50% overlap
  • Door Material: The Rapid Mount strip door is available with standard clear PVC, USDA low temp, low temp reinforce and Loc-Rib (6" strips are not available in Loc-Rib). All strips are tapered and have a preset overlap, making installation fast and easy

Designs & Colors









low temp loc rib

semi transparent orange

usda low temp

usda low temp reinforced

* In our continuing effort to improve our products, some specifications or descriptions may change. We reserve the right to make such changes without notice or recourse. Color shown may differ slightly from actual color. Consult factory for exact color match.

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Rapid Mount Installation
Rapid Mount Strip Door Sales Sheet