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ESD Strip Doors and Bulk PVC Rolls (Chase Doors - Economax)

The Eliason ESD Strip Doors product has been superseded by the Chase Doors Economax. (http://www.chasedoors.com/productdisplay.asp?productid=28) The Eliason ESD Roll Goods product has been superseded by the Chase Doors Economax. (http://www.chasedoors.com/productdisplay.asp?productid=28) Eliason offers a full line of clear flexible strip doors and mounting options for commercial, industrial, institutional, retail, restaurant and cold storage environments. Eliason ESD strip doors provide maximum visibility for safety and offer an economical solution where thermal separation is required for energy conservation and employee comfort. Eliason ESD strip doors come in a variety of material types and thicknesses. They are suitable for pedestrian, cart, pallet jack and person ridden vehicle traffic. Eliason® offers a variety of strip door mounting brackets that have been designed and tested to ensure fast installation and long-term performance for practically all applications. Eliason versatile mounting bracket hardware can be mounted in the door jamb, on the face of wall or around a rolling steel garage door. We maintain a large stock of PVC strips in a variety of colors and formulations in order to meet short lead times. Ask us about our pre-cut and pre-punched vinyl replacement strips.

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  • Anti-Static Strip Material and Amberweld Strip Material: Anti-static strips are formulated to dissipate static electricity away from personnel and sensitive equipment. Amberweld strips are specially formulated to screen out UV and near UV rays from welding and brazing flash.
  • Bi-Mount Mounting Bracket: The Bi-Mount Bracket is the perfect solution when a clean finished look is desired. The Bi-Mount bracket has J-Hook hangers with strips attached that are hung from a 2-part extruded aluminum bracket. J-Hook hangers easily lift out to replace strips. Installation is simple, just screw the aluminum mounting hardware flush to the wall, or to brackets in the door jamb, or into any other special mounting hardware. Then hang the J-Hook mounted strips into place and tighten the clamping bolts. Strips will hang straight and level with the correct overlap.
  • EconoTrack Mounting Bracket: The EconoTrack Mounting Bracket is the most popular design in the industry and can be used for both surface and in-jamb mounting on small or very large openings. These rugged brackets are constructed of 14 gauge galvanized steel with 1/4" studs. Face plates are formed in 12" sections for easy strip replacement. The steel face plate holds strips firmly while allowing flex without breaking.
  • Low Temp Reinforced Strip Material: Nylon reinforced strips remain pliable in freezers subjected to heavy personnel, hand truck or fork lift traffic. Low temp reinforced strips are available in thicknesses ranging from .060" to .120" and widths from 6" to 12". Suitable for areas where USDA accepted material is required.
  • Other Mounting Options Include: Overhead door bracket, trolley mount, gate hinge, gravity hinge, and a moveable in-track mounting bracket. Shown is the trolley mount bracket.
  • Rapid Mount Bracket: The Rapid-Mount is the choice for quick and easy installation. Its design eliminates multiple studs and fasteners, and the time consuming layout of calculating the overlap of strips. The strips are designed so that they install with a preset overlap when you slide them into the bracket. The low profile aluminum extruded bracket is inherently strong and maintains a mininum clearance from the wall. The Rapid-Mount is available with a 6" x .060 thick with a 67% overlap or 8" x .080 thick with a 50% overlap in your choice of standard clear PVC, USDA low temp or low temp reinforced. Loc-Rib is available in 8" x .080" thick with a 50% overlap.
  • Smooth Clear Standard and Low Temp Strip Material: Our most popular smooth clear PVC strip material is available in thicknesses ranging from .060" to .160" and widths from 4" to 16". Standard smooth clear is commonly used in both indoor and outdoor applications with ambient temperatures ranging from -20°F to 150°F. Our low temp strips are perfect for freezer applications down to -40°F and can be used in areas where USDA accepted material is required.
  • Standard Loc-Rib and Low Temp Loc-Rib Strip Material: Our Loc-Rib material reduces drag on passing loads while preserving strip clarity as the raised rib absorbs abrasions and resist scratches. The ribs also form a "Lock" to minimize air flow in coolers and freezers. Loc-Rib is available in thicknesses ranging from .080" to .160" and widths from 8&34; to 16". Low temp Loc-Rib can be used in areas where USDA accepted material is required.

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* In our continuing effort to improve our products, some specifications or descriptions may change. We reserve the right to make such changes without notice or recourse. Color shown may differ slightly from actual color. Consult factory for exact color match.

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