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Eliason offers new ONLINE CEU course for 1 H/S/W Credit

Need to boost your CEU credits for this year? Learn about Double Acting Traffic Doors and earn 1 H/S/W CEU Credit!

Online CEU Course

New SCP-15 Restaurant Door

Featuring a new hardware system, the SCP-15 is the newest member of the Eliason family of Top Quality Restaurant Doors.

View the SCP-15

New Magnetic Econo Cover Press Release

We are excited to introduce the newest member of the Eliason family of energy-saving products - The Magnetic Mount Econo Cover! This latest generation of Econo Cover night shade features a strong magnetic strip along the full width of the panel to hold it securely in place against your refrigerated case without the use of snaps or other mechanical fasteners.

This new magnetic feature makes the initial installation of your Econo Covers faster and easier and allows for faster deployment of your energy saving night shades at store closing time or in the even of a power outage.

And the best part is that Magnetic Mount Econo Cover costs just $5.00 more per unit than our standard Econo Cover. The new Magnetic Mount Econo Cover from Eliason - it's a snap - without the snap!

Eliason Acquires CMI Doors

Eliason Corporation, a leading manufacturer of double action traffic doors and energy saving products based on Kalamazoo, Michigan announced today that it has acquired substantially all the assets and operations of Winnipeg based CMI Doors.

Eliason Acquires CMI Doors

New PE-500 Door Model

Eliason has now partnered with RJD Associates to represent the Eliason product line in New York, New Jersey and New England. Click on the link or contact us today at 800-828-3655 for more information.

Press Release

New Rotationally-Molded Door Solutions

Eliason now offers a 1.5" thick monolithic rotationally molded impact traffic door. The Eliason RMR-1500 is innovative, durable and practical. Click on the link or contact us today at 800-828-3655 for more information.

Press Release

New Strip Door Solutions

Eliason now offers strip doors for a variety of applications. Click on the link for more information or contact us today at 800-828-3655.

Press Release

New Gate Post Solutions

Eliason now offers a patented solution for gate door openings that will protect your counters and cabinets.

Press Release

New VP of Sales and Marketing

Eliason hires new VP of Sales and Marketing.

Press Release

New EISA Cooler Door

Meets the HR-6 Energy Independance and Security Act of 2007. To read these new EISA requirements.

EISA Cooler Door Requirements

New Manufacturing Representatives

Eliason is proud to announce that it has partnered with three new Manufacturing Representatives across North America. Contact us for more detail.

Eliason Expands in Portage

Eliason is proud to announce the expansion of its headquarters in Portage, MI and that it will now be manufacturing all of it's Energy Savings Products and Easy Swing double action doors under one roof. For more details.

Press Release

Independent Energy Study

Eliason recently teamed with Western Michigan Univertisity to conduct an energy study of the efficiencies of Eliason Econo Covers vs competitive woven aluminum covers. Please contact us for more information.