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L.E.E.D. Credit Information

What does it mean to Go Green with Eliason Corporation? Eliason Corporation products can potentially contribute to LEED points in the following LEED-NC (New Construction) categories for example.

Energy & Atmosphere

EA Prerequisite 2: Minimum Energy Performance

EA 1: Optimize Energy Performance Eliason Corporation Econo-Covers® and Econo-Strips® are energy saving devices. Eliason Corporation gasket doors have energy savings characteristics. Our foam core door assemblies have an R factor of 25.

Materials & Resources

MR 4.1: Recycled Content - Eliason Corporation purchases ABS material that has an allowable regrind of 20%. Eliason Corporation uses hardwood / plywood core panels that are renewable, biodegradable and recyclable.

MR 5.1: Regional Materials: Depending on Project Location 85% of the Eliason Corporation Supplier Base (ESB) is located within 500 miles of our facility. Our Kalamazoo, MI facility is the last point of assembly for all our products.

MR 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials: All of our hardwood / plywood panels are produced from logs and veneers that are harvested from sustainable, secondary growth forests.

MR 7: Certified Wood: Our hardwood / plywood supplier practices FSC principles and was a pioneer for the FSC criteria; to date our products are not FSC certified.

Indoor Environmental Quality

EQ 4.1: Low-Emitting materials: Eliason Corporation foam core doors are filled with reactive foam that chemically formulates with a non ODP, non GWP, and VOC exempt blowing agent. Zero Ozone depletion potential. Zero Global Warming potential. Exempt from volatile organic compounds. Eliason Corporation uses a proprietary 100% Green adhesive for all our flush windows. Eliason Corporation uses zero emitting adhesives in our manufacturing process.

EQ 4.4: Low Emitting Materials: Composite Wood and Agrifiber Products Eliason Corporation purchases hardwood / plywood containing less than 0.01 ppm Formaldehyde from manufacturing. Eliason Corporation uses hardwood / plywood that are below CARB limits. Internally Eliason Corporation is actively pursuing our own Green initiatives. However, we are not currently considering LEED status for our facility. We are continuously looking for opportunities for networking, collaboration, and Green education. We are attending educational programs and expos on green design and operations to gain practical knowledge and explore new business opportunities, allowing us greater opportunity for networking and collaboration.

Specific to Manufacturing:

  • All our scrap metal is either recycled or used for manufacturing and fabricating small parts such as hardware covers
  • All our scrap wood products are used in packaging
  • All our paper and cardboard are recycled
  • All the furnaces at Eliason Corporation are programmable with automatic off/on timers
  • We have incorporated a LEAN program and continuous improvement initiatives throughout the manufacturing facility and office
  • We installed Lithonia Florescent light fixtures with automatic on/off controllers throughout the manufacturing facility

Specific to Purchasing:

We source raw materials locally whenever possible. 85% of our supply base is in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Source: LEED® for New Construction & Major Renovations, Version 2.2, For Public Use and Display, October 2005 For more information on LEED credits, please visit the following link:

U.S Green Building Council